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This blogspot has been created especially for those who wish to share their ideas and thoughts about the natural world as the year turns and the ancient Pagan festivals that were once celebrated by our ancestors.

Poetry, prose craft work, ancient cure craft and general thoughts and feelings on how the change in the weather and seasons makes you feel are all encouraged and welcomed.

Mrs Darley was my once next door neighbour when I lived amongst the wilds of Bodmin Moor in Cornwall back in the early 1990's. Her charismatic ways and unending wisdom lead me on a journey of self discovery as I spiralled ever further into her magical world.

She has since become the central character in the 'Mrs Darley' series of books.

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Sunday, 2 December 2012

December Skies

What an exciting month lies in store across the heavens.
Tomorrow sees Jupiter at its closest approach to earth and it will be visible all night. On the 11th Mercury is at its greatest brightness and, along with Venus is visible in the early morning sky.
On the 12th the asteroid Toutatis comes close to earth, although it still remains 180 x further away than the moon. It is moving gradually towards Jupiter and can be seen with a small telescope in the early evening.
The 13th and 14th sees the Geminids meteor shower, with a multicoloured display, although meteors should be on view between 6th and 19th. View in the east after midnight. the 13th is also the date of the new moon.
The 21st heralds the return of the light and is the date we have all either been waiting for or feel apprehensive about as it heralds the end of the longest calendar of days in the Mayan calendar and has many pieces of folklore attached to it, from the end of the world to a substantial shift in consciousness.
Whatever the end of 2012 brings may it help to put you in touch with your true life's purpose.

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