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Welcome to Mrs Darley's Blog

This blogspot has been created especially for those who wish to share their ideas and thoughts about the natural world as the year turns and the ancient Pagan festivals that were once celebrated by our ancestors.

Poetry, prose craft work, ancient cure craft and general thoughts and feelings on how the change in the weather and seasons makes you feel are all encouraged and welcomed.

Mrs Darley was my once next door neighbour when I lived amongst the wilds of Bodmin Moor in Cornwall back in the early 1990's. Her charismatic ways and unending wisdom lead me on a journey of self discovery as I spiralled ever further into her magical world.

She has since become the central character in the 'Mrs Darley' series of books.

Mrs Darley's Pagan Whispers

Mrs Darley's Moon Mysteries

Mrs Darley's Pagan Elements

Mrs Darley's Pagan Healing Wisdom

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Delta Aquarid Meteors

Tonight is the Delta Aquarid Meteor shower, which at its peak will produce around 20 meteors per hour. Their speed will be moderate, giving you time to observe them as they will be bright yellow in colour. The only down side is that the moon is not too far off full and therefore its light will detract from the show somewhat.

The moon moves into Pisces today which means that this is an auspicious time for doing something good for those less fortunate, increasing your psychic abilities, exploring new spiritual paths and attempting to conquer any fears that hold you back.

Let's hope for clear skies and enjoy the show!

Saturday, 24 July 2010

St james Day and the Horn Fair

The 25th July marks the feast day of St James (brother of Jesus) and is also the Sussex Horn Fair, so called because one of the revellers wore a set of horns upon their head. The horns were thought to represent the Pagan Horned God often referred to as Cernunnos or Herne the hunter and were believed to bring luck and fertility to the wearer.

In Kent at the Charlton Horse Fair, (records of which date back to the 16th century) tell us that everyone who attended wore horns and ate rams horns made from sugar and gingerbread,

A similar festival takes place in Abbots Bromley in Staffordshire during September where a group of dancers all wear a set of antlers and dance their way around the whole village stopping at every inn on the way. This is a ritual that dates back at least 1000 years and is said to bring luck to everyone in the village who sees the dancers.

Regardless of whether you have access to a set of horns, this is a great excuse for a summer get together to celebrate the gift of male energy before it begins to diminish at the festival of Lammas early in August.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Taking a Risk

Just a few weeks before my Mum's death, in a rare moment of lucidity, she grabbed my hand and told me to take a risk. She said that during her life, whenever risk presented itself she had side stepped it. She said the first time she wasn't brave enough and the second time it was too late. I asked her in what way she would have liked to have taken a risk, but the moment of lucidity was gone and the secret of her obvious heartfelt longing was something she took with her on her continuing soul journey.

Her words however have echoed through my mind on many occasions since and I often think this was her parting gift to me. As a consequence I have tried to be braver in my attitude to life as a whole.

As Simone Weil said: 'The human soul has need of security and of risk. The boredom produced by a complete absence of risk is also a sickness of the soul.'

So take a risk, be brave and who knows what miracles might happen in your life.

Friday, 16 July 2010

First Quarter Moon in Libra

The Wort Moon approaches her First Quarter phase and is half in darkness half in light. As such she is perfectly balanced between the poles of opposites, a time for bringing harmony into your life on all levels. If there have been arguments, hold out the olive branch or if your time has been consumed by too much work, take a day off.

For the next week the Moon gains in light and brings impetus to everything planned at the time of the New Moon. It's time to make the phone call, or write the email you promised, it's time to complete the job application form or to ask that special someone out. Seize the moment, live for today and move your life forward.

This afternoon the Moon moves into the sign of Libra, again the sign of balance in the zodiac. It is time to concentrate on partnerships, justice, peace and love in your magical practices.

May the waxing gibbous moon shine its light on everything you do.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Mid-Summer Flowers

Flowers of all types abound at this time of year bringing colour, insects and aroma into our world. The classic summer flower however and one that is precious to many religions including Christianity and Islam is the rose, although they were revered long before either of these belief paths came into being.

Roses were sacred to the Roaman Goddess Venus and have been assocoiated with love for thousands of years. It was said that Cleopatra first made love to Mark Anthony on a bed covered one inch deep in rose petals and these fragrant petals have been scattered at wedding ceremonies for centuries.

Much legend abounds around the colour of roses and a Mediterranean legend tells of how the red and white rose came to be. The tale introduces a virgin who was falsely accused of a sexual deed and sentenced to burn. Her prayers however were so fervent that they quenched the flames at which point the unburned wood turned into white roses, whilst the charred wood became red roses.

In the 12th century the Virgin Mary was said to appear to St Dominic where she gave him the first rosary beads and each one was scented with the perfume of roses.

Growing roses in your garden are said to attract the fairies, whilst making a necklace of rose hips is said to attract love to the wearer.

If you don't have roses in your garden treat yourself to a bottle of rose essential oil and let its sweet aroma perfume your home this summer.

Friday, 9 July 2010

New Moon and Solar Ecipse

Tomorrow (10th July) heralds two important events. The first is a total solar eclipse at 20.32 and although it will only be visible in the Southern Pacific, Easter Island and parts of South America, its effects will still be felt around the world.

Eclipses are often seen as harbingers of doom and gloom, however this one indicates a time of opportunity, realisation and an awakening to economic, environmental and humanitarian issues.

The New Moon at 20.40 is in the sign of Cancer which encourages us to enjoy our homes and gardens; not too difficult a task at this time of year. It is a time for family get togethers in order to enjoy the pleasures of eating, socialising, talking and listening to each other.

The July moon was known by the Celts as the 'Wort Moon'. Wort was an infusion of ground malt and was combined with yeast to make beer. It was only made at this time of year as the summer sun provided the warmth required for fermentation. Under the Wort Moon movements of the heavens were noted and predictions made.

Lady of the Moon,
Keeper of Secrets,
In many guises,
Through many lifetimes
Have I drunk of your infinite beauty.

I lift my eyes to meet your gaze,
And see life reflected
Through the timeless mirror
Of your cyclic dance.

(From 'Keeper of Secrets' : Mrs Darley's Moon Mysteries)

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Mrs Darley's Pagan Elements

My new book is out this week entitled 'Mrs Darley's Pagan Elements'. It explores the four elements of air, fire, water and earth and takes what can only be described as a glimpse of what the fifth element or spirit can mean, for each of us have our own opinion of what spirit means to us.

Each chapter explores one of the elements which are vital to life upon this earth and offers what I hope are interesting facts about the world we are priviledged to live in. The atmosphere, the oceans, volcanoes and earth quakes are all investigated and their connection to the Gods of old, the mythical creatures that have become associated with them over millennia and their use, both physical and symbolic in alchemy and magic.

Mrs Darley of course is present in greater quantity than in previous books and, as usual, stops to make us think differently about aspects of the world in which we live whilst offering me plenty of insight as the book progresses. The following is a quote to hopefully whet your appetite:

'Here,' she said, 'lies a place where the Goddess dwells, where earth meets with water and yields to its power where religions fuse yet the old ways prevail. Here is a place where reason meets with magic yet magic defies all reason....'

I hope you enjoy it and that it fills your world with enchantments.