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This blogspot has been created especially for those who wish to share their ideas and thoughts about the natural world as the year turns and the ancient Pagan festivals that were once celebrated by our ancestors.

Poetry, prose craft work, ancient cure craft and general thoughts and feelings on how the change in the weather and seasons makes you feel are all encouraged and welcomed.

Mrs Darley was my once next door neighbour when I lived amongst the wilds of Bodmin Moor in Cornwall back in the early 1990's. Her charismatic ways and unending wisdom lead me on a journey of self discovery as I spiralled ever further into her magical world.

She has since become the central character in the 'Mrs Darley' series of books.

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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Summer Solstice

Here we are almost at the midpoint of the year and tomorrow marks the time of the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere. This is a time for directing our energy into ongoing projects in order that they may be brought to completion during the 6 months that follow. It is time to give thanks for the union of the earth beneath our feet - the gracious mother and the sun above our heads - the mighty God. We should however never forget the imput of water and air which all makes for an abundant harvest.
The word 'solstice' means 'the standing still of the sun' and perhaps we should all stand still for a moment and be still - a piece of advice once given to me by Mrs Darley and now, some 20 years later, I understand the wisdom of her words.

'Perhaps you should do this more often,' she said.
I looked at her somewhat puzzled.
'Smell the roses,' she smiled. 'We always think the good times will last for ever, that we will always be young, that we will have time to do the things we dream of next week or next year, but summer my dear is fleeting, one drop of rain and it is washed away, one cool breath and it is gone. Remember these words when the leaves of autumn swirl around your feet,' she said and quietly closed the door.
From 'Mrs Darley's Pagan Whispers'.

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